Breath of Sunshine 2020 dates coming soon… In the meantime, enjoy a slideshow of the joy and love from my most recent retreats in Brandenburg and Hvar <3


The Breath of Sunshine retreat was my first yoga retreat ever, and by day 2 I was already ready to book for next year. Cast Away was lovely, a perfect way to reconnect to nature. The daily schedule was fun and relaxed, and helped me slow down and find myself again thanks to the amazing, thought-provoking, and super fun yoga classes. The food was absolutely amazing, and mealtimes were a highlight. I had so much fun on this retreat and I cannot wait for next year!
— Liz
Thank you so much Rebecca for creating this retreat with so much love and detail in this stunning place in Croatia! The amazing location and all the great people i met there will never be forgotten, just like Joni’s delicious food! I can’t wait to come back next year!
— Dina
For me personally, it was great that the yoga sessions were held in a way where everyone could just do as much as they can. There were variations for more experienced people but there was also no judgement at all when you could not do it. I was in a skiing accident in February where I injured by knee and could not do any sports for two months. This retreat hleped me to get back into it now that I am recovered and I am really grateful for it.
— Sabrina

Breath of Sunshine 2019 teaser: