My name is Rebecca Sunshine and Iā€™m a California-grown explorer who is fascinated by human connection; forever-curious about the human body; inspired by yoga philosophy; connected to Buddhism; psyched out by the brain and the universe; in love with my friends and family; titillated by bio-energy; and mind-blown by serendipitous moments.

My credentials:

2019: 300-RYT (in progress) - Yoga Biomechanics with Jules Mitchell

2018: 35-RYT - Somatic Restorative Yoga with Ateeka

2017: 3-month Vinyasa mentorship - Victoria Larsson

2016: 200-RYT - Dynamic Mindfulness with Tatjana Mesar

From the age of 4 I started dancing ballet, jazz and tap. I began dancing competitively in high school (contemporary, drill, commercial, kick-line, tap), but after high school I let go of the competitiveness and began taking hot yoga and urban dance classes. I started practicing yoga more regularly when I moved to Berlin in 2012.

In my free time I enjoy: Afro-house dance, hiphop dance, tap dance, Bowspring, Voguing, essential oils, long baths, visiting my family in America, studying Axis Syllabus, baking, and last but not least my sexy babe.